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My visit to the Glute Lab

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Glute Burn Out Session at The Glute Lab owned by Bret Contreras In California.

I visited the Glute lab in July 2019 where I had a personal session with one of Bret’s top trainer’s Bryce. He was amazing! One of the things he talked about in relation to one of the possible mechanisms to hypertrophy (refers to an increase in muscular size achieved through exercise) is Metabolic Stress. One way to achieve this is by doing a Burn Out at the end of a workout session. Here is a clip of the Glute Burn Out that we did.

This series of exercises are to be done with little to no rest:

10 lateral band walks per side 10 standing banded hip abduction with 3 sec hold 30 seated banded abduction 20 supine banded abduction 10 clam shells per side 10 Jane Fonda toe-in per side.

This was an epic burn out!


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