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Banded Upper Body Workout!

Resistance Band Upper Body Workout!

  • Have no equipment at home but some bands! I have great news for you! You can get a great, challenging workout just using bands. Today we are going to focus on the upper body💪. Trust me, you will feel the burn ☺️


Remember to warm up before beginning any exercise routine!

Check out my upper body workout video posted on June 21st for ideas of upper body warm up exercises!

Also, choose a resistance band that is challenging! Different colors represent different resistance. You will notice in the video that I switched up the bands😊


Perform each exercise for 40 secs followed by 20 secs rest. For unilateral exercises, perform one side for the full 40 secs, then switch to the other side after the 20 secs rest. Do all exercises before taking a 1 minute break . Repeat for 3 to 4 rounds depending on your fitness level 😊

🔥 One arm bent over row

🔥 Banded open and close

🔥 Banded lat pulldown

🔥 Banded bent arm lateral raise

🔥 Bicep curls

🔥 Tricep extension

Thank you for taking the time to look at this video 😊

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FYI, the bands in this video can be found on Amazon!

I am an Amazon affiliate associate.


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