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Time Management

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Finding the Time to Workout!

Finding the time to workout was my number one excuse! Once I started my day, it was non-stop. By late evening I did not have any energy left to workout.

January 2017, I was determined that this time I would do whatever it takes. So for a whole year I got up at 4:15 am 4 to 5 days during the week to go to a bootcamp 5 am class and 6 am on Saturdays to workout at 7 am.

My husband and I gradually bought exercise equipment for our basement and I incorporated an additional 2-3 evening workouts a week at home (some of the equipment shown below). Most Sundays would be a rest day! Now I wake up at 3:55 am on most weekdays to start my workout at 4:45 am. For me working out before the day began was my best option. As my love for fitness grew and my energy levels grew I was able to add the additional work outs in the evening.

You have to decide when is the best time for you to exercise. It is important to work with your energy flow.

Even if you start small, like getting up 30 minutes earlier and walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes. It’s creating the habit that’s important and you can grow from there.

Different ways to find time to exercise.

Join a class! Sometimes when you have already invested money, you tend to push yourself harder and go.

Buy basic equipment like a treadmill and some dumbbells. You can follow a workout video in the comfort of your home.

Recruit your significant other or good friend to join you on a walk in the neighborhood.

This one is a little different! When my son played football, I would see the mothers walking around the perimeter of the field during practice. You can even carry light dumbbells and ankle weights to add resistance.

Hire a personal trainer. At least in the beginning as a form of guidance and support.

Sticking to a schedule.

It is important to realize where your time is going.

Sometimes it helps if you make a list of what you need to get done during for the day. These will be your goals. Then get organized and prioritize. Identify time wasters like spending too much time just surfing the web.

After we have done all of that, the next step is to STOP PROCRASTINATING!

Not all the time but most of us make having no time an excuse. Whether we are fearful of failing, fearfulof being scrutinize as the new person in a workout class or we simply lack motivation.


Decide when is the best time for you to workout.

Start small if needed.

Join a class or maybe just walk around a field.

Hire a personal trainer if you want direction and accountability.

With perseverance, it can be done! I belive in you!


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