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How To Not Gain Weight While On Vacation/ Bikini Prep / 2 Weeks Out 5/2022!

Is it possible to go on vacation at an All Inclusive Caribbean resort for seven days while on Bikini Prep and return with a more conditioned, stage ready physique. Well if anyone had told me this I would not have believed them. However, that’s exactly what I did 🙌. I returned from vacation looking better than I did before I left. So much so that I signed up for an even earlier show 🤗. Now I am just under 2 weeks out from Atlantic Coast, 4 weeks out from Victory and 5 weeks out from Nationals at Universe in NJ! In this video I explained what I did to achieve this 😊 🔥🔥🔥 Remember to Subscribe & Click the Bell 🔔 to get notifications on when I upload the future videos 😊 🔥🔥🔥 If you know anyone who can benefit from this video please be sure to share it by clicking the share button 😊. Thank you!


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