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How To Gauge Weight-Loss.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The most common way to gauge your weight loss is to step on the scale. Scales don’t always give the whole story. Your body composition can change which includes your muscle to fat ratio but the weight is the same. I look totally different at the same weight when I lost weight by just dieting (the wrong way) to when I lost the weight by changing my lifestyle and incorporating exercising. There are other ways to measure weight-loss! Some of these include:

Taking your measurements.

Taking your measurements is a good way to see where you are losing fat since we all lose fat in different areas.

Click on the link to learn more:

Take progress pictures.

Try to take the photos preferably in the same outfit every time. It’s hard to see changes when you see yourself every day. You would be amazed at the changes in the photos over time.

Gauge your weight-loss on how your clothes fit.

Use a piece of clothing, most people choose a pair of jeans that is close fitting. Take note how it fits. How tight around the legs and space around the waist. Try on every 3-4 weeks and note any changes.

Note: Everyone’s body responds differently. Everyone’s progress will be different. Do not compare yourself to anyone.


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