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Lenora Taurel

Hi! My name is Lenora Taurel and I am a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer. I have also completed the Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program. My fitness journey started January 2017, just two months after my 41st birthday! I was overweight and dealing with asthma, I felt out of breath most days. Being a wife, mother and having a full time job and more, I would put everyone and everything ahead of myself. Then it dawned on me, what good is it to my husband and kids if I died a premature death because I did  not take the time to take care of myself. I decided that I had to change. Fast forward, two plus years later, I am 35 lbs lighter, down 15 percent body fat and in the best shape of my life. As of today, I continue to live a healthy lifestyle. My passion is to see others achieve this goal, letting them know that it can be done even with a busy lifestyle.

  Coming Soon!


  Upper Body Workout Program!


This is how my upper

body looked after losing most of my weight eating healthy and exercising but without a more focused

 weight lifting program.


After incorporating a more focused upper body weight lifting program in my exercise routine. 

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